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Visualize Path Forward

My coaching services offer a path for you to explore innovative and creative ideas, build new habits, and set goals that will bring about lasting change. We will work together to identify and overcome limiting beliefs, face resistance, and develop a strategy to heal and create. With my help, you’ll increase your awareness and acceptance, discover new pathways, and foster the strength and resilience you need to live a life of purpose.

Looking for solutions? 

I will hold a creative space for you to tap into your own wisdom and resourcefulness. With visualization, brainstorming and reframing techniques to help you see new paths to desired outcomes. Expand and elevate your purpose and gain deeper trust in your intuition. With your values and destination in mind I can guide you.

Need to think outside of the box at school or work?

As an Innovative and Creative Mindset Coach, I believe that is all about creativity, thinking outside the box, and unleashing your full potential. You are taking time and space to tap into your intuition and power. Together we will work to create and strategize around innovative solutions to move you closer to your goals. My coaching is tailored to suit anyone looking for transformation and to break through barriers and maximize their potential.

Seeking a new perspective?

With a focus on awareness, boundaries, and crafting new terms for success, I will work closely with you to help navigate resistance. Whether you are seeking a new perspective in your personal or professional life, my innovative and creative coaching services will give you the insights and clarity you need to thrive.

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What is an innovative mindset?

Innovative mindset is crafting change, designing new methods, and utilizing creative thought process that considers the results that will best suit your needs or the needs of the group.  The process leads to solutions that serve your values, beliefs, and desired future outcomes. Taking time and space to consider the desired outcomes allows you to be more intentional with your energy. Innovation requires creativity, and a growth mindset to design unique pathways forward.  This style of coaching can be used to effect innovation in all areas of life such as personal, business, education, creative endeavors, love, and spirituality. 

"There's a way to do it better. Find it "

Thomas Edison, Inventor


My Life Coach, Colleen Melisz, found me in the greatest transition of my life.  The first thing we established was a trusting relationship.  This was so easy and effortless.  Colleen by her gentle, kind and warm nature created a safe place that I could express myself without judgement.  Her empathetic person allowed me to be honest and raw.  Our artistic natures were in sync so she was able to understand me beyond words.  She shone light in sensitive areas which allowed me to navigate what had seemed difficult. Without judgement and her ability to encourage my self forgiveness, I was able to understand myself at a deeper level.  I'm thankful for her presence in my life and the value I hold for self discovery in a meaningful way.  Thank you, Colleen, for your presence and the genuine way you care for others. Sincerely and with gratitude,

Trese Gilligan

I found out about Colleen's coaching services through the Jay Shetty program as my mom was taking the courses as well and needed volunteers to be coached. At the time I met Colleen and started with her coaching services, I was going through huge lifestyle changes as well as moving across the country to reground and reconnect with myself and my family. When I had started Colleen's coaching I had just moved back home and had a complete 180 change in my lifestyle. I needed additional help to navigate through thoughts and feelings. Colleen's coaching was like someone untangling a ball of yarn, helping me reframe and process trauma/difficult past experiences and how it affected the way I thought and spoke to myself. Colleen is exceptionally talented in connecting with you and helping you reframe old and stuck thought patterns. The biggest breakthroughs I've experienced working with Colleen is: creating a new way of life that includes and practices boundaries. Allowing myself grace, that I am human and deserve understanding and forgiveness. That it is okay to take time when processing things that have hurt me. And last but certainly not least, autonomy. One of my favorite things about working with Colleen has been her patience, positive attitude, connection with spirit, and how she seamlessly guides you at the exact time you're ready to make real, lasting changes in your life.  I would absolutely recommend Colleen's coaching services to my friends due to the weight her services truly helped me. As well as how her coaching has continued to make a lasting impact a year after working with her.            

Keanna P.

My experience with Colleen was amazing because of her nurturing way. Right from the start, with breathing exercises, she made a huge difference. She didn’t just tell me what to do but listened to what I had to say, really taking my words to heart. We worked together to organize my day better, making me more productive. Her kind and caring guidance helped me take small steps towards big improvements. Colleen is more than a coach; her nurturing approach has truly changed my life.

Sindia Jean

Colleen is amt of my problem and see the way forward. She is nonjudgmental and pushed me out of my comfort zone (in a good way). I would highly recommend Colleen to anyone who wants to make changes in their life.

Jessica Z.

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  • Certified Life Coach via Jay Shetty Certification School

  • Working toward Coaching Accreditation from internationally recognized Association For Coaching

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